Mist and Pour


Why do one thing well when you can do two things poorly? This combination mist sprayer and watering can does neither very well. This is what happens when Chinese engineers design products while drunk. As a spray bottle, it's awkward and as a water can it's difficult to refill. The sprayer is set so far back that in order to mist your plants you'll have to fight the water spout. If that's not bad enough, in order to refill your water can (which does work marginally well) you'll have to remove the spray head.

We're told this is "ergonomic" but can't quite figure out how. If you try to use the spray bottle while the unit is full, the entire weight of the contraption has to be supported by the neck. Pouring from the spout requires you to use the handle at the rear.

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Seriously, don't buy this.

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